Rosa Frausto

Ms. Frausto, a Chicago native, starting acting at the age of sixteen when she was in high school. Rosa has been working with independent filmmakers appearing in 7 short films, and 8 Feature Films. Her roles include:”Drive By”,  “Once Upon A Time in the Hood”,  “Murder on the Border”, where she plays an illegal immigrant alongside Mexican soap-opera stars, actor Francisco Piñeda and Alpha Acosta. She also played a teacher in, Dalia Tapia’s film, “Buscando A Leti”-In Search of Leti", which was picked up by UniCine which is owned by Univision. “El Dia de Los Muertos”/”The Day of the Dead” a film by Ricardo Islas, became Ms. Frausto’s first lead and first horror/drama movie.

Monica Engesser

She graduated in May 2010, and moved to Los Angeles in September of the same year. Since becoming an Angeleno she has lived in both Hollywood and the valley. She has been in stage productions, various short and student films, and has starred in two independent features; Kidnapped Souls, released in theaters in Peru February 2013 under the title Arida Maldicion, and The Conduit, currently in post-production. She has also experimented with stand up comedy, appearing frequently at The Comedy Store and The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. She is excited about the future, loves fresh pineapple and will not stop believing.

Neil Brown Jr.

Born in a rough neighborhood to strict, but loving parents. Neil Brown, Jr, who was a gifted martial artist and self proclaimed "knucklehead ", received his first role in film purely by chance, when a producer Patty Thomas Robinson walked into his karate Dojo looking for a kid to be in the TV series WMAC masters, which was being shot in Orlando, FL . After catching " the acting bug" during filming, Neil claims he never looked back, and has been acting ever since. He has worked on blockbuster hits such as BATTLE LOS ANGELES and FAST AND FURIOUS, and numerous hit shows such THE WALKING DEAD, NCIS and CASTLE.

Jose Yenque

Jose Yenque's powerful performances have warranted notable mentions and strong recognition. His most recognizable role was in the Steven Soderbergh film 'Traffic' (2000) where he portrayed a corrupt Tijuana soldier known as the "Torturer" opposite Benicio Del Toro. Yenque's TV film debut earned him an 'ALMA Award' for _Foto-Novelas: The Fix (1997)_ (dir Carlos Avila) in which he played a down and out boxer in search of redemption. Director Carlos Avila (I) later cast Yenque in the feature film Price of Glory(2000) opposite Jimmy Smits. Starred in the widespread critically acclaimed MISS BALA where he played a Mexican Police officer investigating drug-related murders. Mr. Yenque, portrayed a Columbian President on the hit comedy series 1600 PENN with Jenna Elfman and Bill Pullman.

Noel Guglielmi

Producer & Actor, Noel Gulielmi, has appeared in over 50 feature films such as TRAINING DAY, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, BRUCE ALMIGHTY, S.W.A.T and THE DARK KNIGHT and has extensive TV credits including guest-starring performances on television series, such as THE WALKING DEAD, CSI MIAMI,WITHOUT A TRACE, NYPD BLUE, CHOSEN, and many more.