Clip from Kidnapped Souls

Los Angeles detectives Ramos and Miller are on the hunt for a mysterious new serial killer who kidnaps his victims, kills them, and disposes of their remains. Their hopes of catching the killer are slim, as the detectives can’t find a single shred of evidence linking the killer or locating his victims. They finally get a break on the case when one surviving victim escapes from the deadly clutches of the killer. Nikki Novak, 24, tells of the horrific events that she witnessed first hand to the detectives. She recounts in agonizing detail how the killer enjoyed torturing and slaughtering his victims one by one. Under intense questioning, Nikki offers a clearer glimpse into the mind of the killer. Detective Miller slowly pieces together the killer’s motives. Astoundingly, the killer’s intentions are tied to a biblical prophecy. The killer is on a divine mission to halt the birth of the incoming anti-Christ and will sacrifice the innocent lives of others to fulfill his destiny. The detectives keep a terrified Nikki under constant surveillance as they realize that she is, in fact, the chosen one and the killer will stop at nothing to end her life. In a battle of good versus evil, will evil emerge victorious, sealing the fate of all mankind? Or, will Nikki find the strength to fight off the killer once again, saving herself and the world. In this chilling thriller, watch while events unfold as one serial killer exposes the dark secrets of his victims and why he kidnaps their souls.

"When does a mission from God justify kidnapping and ultimately murder?"

The Detectives

Two detectives are on the hunt for a mysterious new serial killer whose divine mission from God is to kill the chosen one who may be carrying the seed of the incoming anti-Christ.